Best trick King of the Lagoon 2015

I am stoked to take home the best trick award from this years King of the Lagoon in Büsum.

The event started on a Friday afternoon with a training session in the park. The wind was solid and I could get used to the features really good.

The next day the real competition started off with some good winds and I managed to win my first heat. As the day got older, the wind got lighter and lighter and in the semi final I wasn’t able to go over the kicker with enough speed anymore which left me unable to show off my moves. As the judging criteria was divided in the 3 categories slider, kicker I was really unlucky and missed the final round. Just one kicker trick would have made the difference. Bummer, but that’s life. I hope to get some bigger kites soon for next year so this won’t happen again.

Looking forward to the summer now.





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