Free your soul…

So, I did’t make it into the Triple S, as always. But this time it really opened my eyes. From now on I will stop striving for success and fame, because it’s not gonna work out anyways. The kitesurfing industry is a really weird business full of empty promises and disappointments.

I will refocus on the things that brought me into kitesurfing on the first hand: The fun and the strive for progression. The last 2 years I started to see kitesurfing on a really competitive base, trying to somehow work my way up to the inner circle, which narrowed my perspective and completely changed my attitude towards this great sport.

Kitesurfing has always been more then a sport for me, but instead of seeing it as a “job” I will see it as a way of life from now on. Having a board under my feet, riding through the liquid element and seeing the world from above is just what keeps me coming back  for more. This freedom of mind combined with the ability to express yourself throughout your riding is definately one of the best feelings in the world.

I define myself through kitesurfing, not through the success and fame, but through the friends I make, the moments I live and the feelings I feel.

I kitesurf because I want to and not because I have to.

Free your mind and enjoy yourselves!!!




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