Denmark roadtrip & lightwind fun

The last week, me and my Boys Finn & Philipp did a roadtrip through denmark to discover some new spots, shoot pictures and produce a movie. This was definately one of the best trips of my life. We scored some epic conditions, had a shitload of fun and have been super productive as well.Lifestyle1

Denmark is such a great country. Everybody is super nice and helpful. All the locals were showing us the weatherforecasts and told us the best spots around for every wind direction. Only on the small island Fyn you can have a perfect flatwater spot for every wind direction and you have to drive 40 min MAX.Lifestyle2

In this one week we had 4 days with really good conditions, so we could produce really good footage. One day we had pretty light wind, but luckily I brought the brand new Airush Zero  so we were able to make the best out of everyday. I didn’t really test this kite before, so I didnt know what to expect. On this one day we were  sitting at the beach playing cards and suddenly one card flew from the table. I thought hmm, lets give it a try and we set up the Kite. Finn and Philipp were laughing at me, but I just wanted to test it and suddenly I was able to ride. And not only riding, I was pretty powered as well!! We shared the kite all day long and decided to do a small video about it, check it out:


All in all it was a super nice trip. Stay tuned for some more pictures and the official Video to come!!




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