Video: It’s more fun in the Philippines

It’s been quite a long time since my last post here. So I thought I might drop some news here.

I am feeling really really good, I am on my semester break for almost a month now and have one more ahead. In the begining of February I have been to the Philippines for a little videoproject for the 250K Kiteboarding station   which I just uploaded. It is hard to describe this experience so you might wanna check out this video to make yourself an impression of what it looks like to stay in the paradise.

In the next time I will be posting a detailed story about my trip and next week I will be leaving to Cape Town for some training and the Airush 2015 Photoshoot. EEEEEXCITEEED!!



See Airush at the “Boot 2014″ and win a Livewire Team

If you are around Düsseldorf within the next 10 days, you should definately come to the Boot expo.

It is one of the biggest watersports expos in the world and you can see so many cool products including the new 2014 Airush lineup.

You can even win a Livewire Team edition board, which is the high end carbon freestyle machine from Airush!


I will be there the second weekend to answer all of your questions ;-)




The dark side of the year

The season here in Germany is coming to an end and now the time no one likes starts. Its getting cold and dark here in the north. The days are getting shorter and so the sessions do. I am trying to make the best out of it and use every day the water is still liquid.

My mom always says there is no bad weather, only bad clothing and so it is!!


No excuses guys!!!!



Interview with

The last weekend I spent in Spain, to join the international Airush dealer meeting. We had perfect weather and some light thermical winds every day. Uwe from was documentating the whole event and did a small interview with me about my life as a Kiteboarder and Airush.

The english version is coming soon, so stay tuned or try to understand some german ;-)