Happy New Year

Hi Everyone,

I hope you enjoyed the time with your friends and family.

I had a great time, but the cold weather is slowly starting to suck a lot. It feels like you have 5 hours of daylight max and windy days only come hand in hand with temperatures around 3°C.

Nevertheless I am trying to get on the water as much as possible. Besides that I found the best thing ever to do in the winter: Cross Fit. With the support of CrossFit Flensburg I will be in the best shape of my life after this winter. The training is super hard and super varied. You never do the same workout twice and always train in a group of motivated and friendly people.

#CFFL Loving it!!

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Bildschirmfoto 2015-01-05 um 13.02.23

Bildschirmfoto 2015-01-05 um 13.04.02

Back in the real world…

So it’s been a while now since I left Brazil, the ultimate kitesurfing destination, to continue studying. The days are getting shorter and the water is getting colder, but still I am enjoying my time here so far.

I already had some really fun days on the water with my dad and my friends. It’s always good to be around people that share your passion.

I am still hoping for the predicted global warming to kick in so that we can ride at least without gloves all year long.

Here are some impressions from the last weeks


Cloud Nine – My new Brazil video

I just finished my new video “Cloud Nine” from my trip to Barra Nova/Brazil.

I am super happy with the way it turned out and I can definately say this is my best video yet.

The german summer is quickly coming to an end, but that doen’s hold me back in any way. I am just gonna shift my focus a bit towards some projects that have never been done before. Me and my crew already planned some really cool stuff which can perfectly done in the winter time.

I will definately keep you up to date. But first enjoy this flashback to my time in paradise:

King of the lagoon

Last weekend I have been to the King of the Lagoon. This event was held for the first time in the lagoon of Büsum. The plan was to put 2 kickers and a slider in the lagoon and jam it for the whole weekend. Unfortunately the wind didn’t play on our side so we had to set up a winch.

After seting up the obstacles and the winch we started to jam the park. Unfortunately we’ve been quite a lot of participants so it took ages. All in all I had like 8 laps during the whole weekend so it was really tough to do some good tricks. But In the end I was pretty happy with my riding as I was the only one to land a mute half cab roll and a Tantrum besides some other tricks. In the end I took the first place in the kicker section and ended up second overall, which was pretty disappointing for me. But looking back at it I am quite happy with my result, regarding the fact that the first one was a wakeboarder and only had one more point.

I hope next year we will have some wind to do some proper stuff!


here is a little recap video I did:


Triple S wildcard video

I just uploaded my Triple S wildcard video.

The Triple S is probably the sickest and one of the most prestigious kitesurfing competitions in the world. Since I started kitesurfing in 2008 I always dreamt about entering the Triple S some day. This year they are offering 4 wildcard spots and I really hope I can make it. Wish me luck!!


Here is the vid